I was giving blood yesterday early afternoon for a blood drive our church sponsors every 3 months. When I’d finished and went to the refreshment table, a lady from our congregation was present. She and I began a conversation which led to her telling me about her grandson, 23 years old, who has announced his homosexuality. I was teaching his parents Sunday School class when this young man was born. Grandma was telling me how she and her husband have struggled with this but they don’t want to lose their relationship with him so they are seeking wisdom in dealing with it. Grandpa wants the grandson to understand all that the bible says regarding this topic, but grandma knows this isn’t the right thing to do at this point in time.

Our society has made this topic a playground for Satan. There is no dispute biblically regarding this topic if one steps into the sin of it. However, it is no more sinful to step into the sins of heterosexuality than the sins of homosexuality. Either are sinful when this is done. With my own background of homosexual abuse and my struggle with homosexual thoughts, I easily recognize this inner turmoil. What I long for people to know is that God’s Ways are so much richer than man’s. We are lost at this point in time thinking man’s ways need to be honored when we don’t begin to experience God’s fulfilling freedom by taking the step of faith and living for His Ways rather than man’s.

I know this freedom and how I pray for others who battle this. I pray they will take the step of faith to trust God’s Way and let Him honor them for this obedience.

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