Today is Good Friday. It is hard to see the Good when one knows the price Christ paid to have it called Good. Regardless of the price, He did it for you and me. What a glorious reality this is! Yes, Sunday is coming and He will arise from the grave and forever reign with Father God gifting us The Holy Spirit. But, for today, I want to not lose sight of the price He paid for my freedom and for your freedom.

Yesterday I went to see my prayer warrior. I wanted to catch her up with the ones seeking counsel and progress being made for the ones she’d been keeping in prayer. I have a couple of people I wanted her specific prayer and also prayer for how to counsel them. Before I left she prayed mightily for God to provide His Divine Wisdom. The amazing results should never surprise me, yet I am always taken back a step when I experience God’s handiwork. The session yesterday afternoon seemed to be exceptionally enlightening for the gentleman. Afterwards, when I went to Celebrate Recovery, I found that God had also answered the prayer I had for the other gentleman.

What man cannot and should not do, God is right here waiting for us to bring Him directly into the picture. Oh, how much I need to learn about daily surrendering and keeping our Heavenly Team: Father God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit at the forefront of all I do.

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