There is something about growing older and working with younger folks. The determination of man that “I can do this” is strong. The need to see that I can do this on my own has not been bruised enough to know that “no, I cannot do this on our own”. Even when we are working on this reality in our sessions, one quickly returns to one’s own determination as one’s “go to” for help

Even at my age I find myself needing to address this weakness of man/me. Turning this determination into the strength that it is will look more like, “I will keep working on turning my struggles over to God confessing them one to another so God’s miraculous strength is put into power in our lives.” This is determination being used as God wants it to be.

Allowing ourselves to “be weak” so we can “be strong” is an oxymoron that has tremendous Spiritual Meaning. Keeping this reality alive in our daily living and helping others do the same is critical. This is a major focus of this morning’s session with the group of men. To God be the Glory for great things He has done and wants to do with each one coming. Learning to surrender is not a one time lesson.

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