Today follows the greatest day man was ever given–the day Christ arose. With this tremendous miracle of God for us, came freedom. For the disciples, Christ reappeared numerous times in the following days to help them realize the impact this freedom had for them and for the world. He also promised them the Gift of The Holy Spirit which came upon them only a couple months later.

As I’ve reflected this morning on “the day after” I am examining my own interpretation of the freedom offered to us today. It is not a different freedom for God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit are the same yesterday, today and forever. The freedom most importantly that Christ offers to us is first and foremost the freedom to know Him and to accept Him and to serve Him. Man keeps wanting to make this an assignment, a job, an action we take to show we are Christ followers. Somehow, I believe the greatest freedom Christ offered each one of us is the freedom to choose Him! I don’t care what bondage we live with. It can be bondage of our past, present, government, job, environment, culture or anything else–we have the choice to allow Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Lord. No one can take this from us!

The day after Easter, I rejoice and weep with joy at this personal opportunity to live for Him–Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord!

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