Yesterday morning I went to see my prayer warrior. She had worked on an assignment putting scriptures to a counseling tool I had been using. It addressed thinking errors we have and I had asked her to put God’s Word to show what He had to say about this way of thinking/acting. She had asked me for a copy of the completed work so I took her one. While there I spent some time going over some areas for which she could be praying for ones seeking counsel.

While there I shared with my prayer warrior a struggle I was having when one spouse of a marriage was seeking counsel and I knew their other half. There are four cases of this. It is difficult to hear one spouse talk of their “marital issues” when one knows the other half and what is being said there. As I was bringing this dilemma to God while journaling yesterday morning, He remined me that He was their answer, not me. I am asked to counsel the one coming to me. He said they are all His children. I am to simply give counsel to the one seeking it. As their Father, He will take care of what I may hear and know, but am helpless to address. I am to let it go and let God do what only He can do.

This prayer warrior is 92 years old and is still very sharp. I cannot thank God enough for providing her support to me. Her wisdom deepens and broadens what God may have revealed to me during devotions. I know her wisdom comes from God’s Holy Spirit and I treasure it.

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