Everything about Spring this year has been delayed. Winter wants to keep its grip on the weather. However, Spring is here no matter what the outside acts like. When the desire returns to get one’s hands into the dirt, Spring is here! Little by little it is happening.

OK, with that said, I can now write my blog. Sometimes my journey has a moment of intense Spring! Most, if not all of us, have a friend or friends. In addition to this we hopefully have a FRIEND. This is the person who can easily hear every ounce of one’s story and not even flinch. They just nod their head while you continue on with the story until the end. When your done they might ask, “Is there anything you want me to do with this?” I had this moment last night. Kathy is gone to our church’s women’s retreat so I text this friend to see if he wanted to get together last night since his wife is also at the retreat. The night was so good and seemed that way for both of us.

God is so good and I never want to lose sight of this truth. I thank Him for His Son Jesus and for a friend who is like Christ in the flesh when one needs a moment of sensing Christ’s presence through the presence of a friend.

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