God’s faithfulness is always so rich and true. One of our worship songs we sometimes sing at Celebrate Recovery is titled: “Same Power”. A portion of the lyrics say: “the same power that rose Jesus from the grave, lives in us”. I’ve sung that song many times in the more recent years of Celebrate Recovery. However, when I was prepping for our worship last night, this song was resonating in my mind and spirit.

I know that I’ve longed for God’s Power to be real in my life. I have momentary times when it is genuine and I can log it as a powerful moment in time. The reality of God’s Power however, isn’t momentary. It is eternal and ever present. It resides in us if we have asked Jesus into our lives. The counseling opportunities I get to experience find this true over and over again. I also find that it is so easy for me to see God’s Power at work in other’s lives. This makes me realize all the more how blind I’ve been to God’s continuous work/power in my own life.

Seeing God’s Power and experiencing it is a choice. So many times it is my own stubborn will that interferes. I think my way is the right one so I go that route and then stumble only to find that God was waiting for me to seek His guidance–ask. His Power is always available for the asking–it is another choice I don’t want to lose sight of.

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