Today’s devotional had a statement in it that should become a quote for all of us to hang onto. It said, “Anxiety is a result of envisioning the future without God.” I use to think, years ago, that I was not an anxious person. However, I’ve learned that I do struggle with a level of anxiety/fear. This quote slapped me right across the face as I read it. I stopped and reread it several times. I then took a notepad and wrote it out so I’d have it to pass along to others. In times past I’d pretend that whatever I was anxious about didn’t exist–at least I’d act this way around others. Inside I would be most anxious. I’ve learned in recent years that I am anxious as I face new challenges or live each day in unresolved ones.

Starting the biblical counseling program at our church was a perfect example of my anxiousness. The difference for me was that somehow I knew God was in it, I just couldn’t believe He was in it with me. I kept seeing myself going into it as the broken person I had been–the one I needed to keep hidden. Little by little God helped me break through this lie to find Him using me to help others–counsel them. Things would come out of my mouth which were not of my wisdom–it would certainly be God’s. I would find that I benefit from what I heard myself say as much as the counselee.

Anxiety is certainly an issue of needing us to allow God into whatever is triggering it. I want to keep this quote close at hand from this day forward.

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