I have been looking for something to help some of the men I’m working with to address their need for sobriety. This is in a couple of areas of struggle. A couple of days ago I was looking at the books on one of the book shelves in my study only to find one entitled: Freedom Starts Today: Overcoming struggles and addictions one day at a time, by John Elmore. I didn’t recall having it but I found that I’d purchased it a year ago while attending the biblical counseling conference in Fort Worth, TX. (I came home from that conference with a suitcase and backpack filled with resources). As I read through its beginning I found it seemed to be exactly what I had wanted.

I talked with a close friend of mine and asked that he be my accountability for the 90 days the book addresses with the daily commitment to be sober for 24 hours. Each day you write out your commitment to God and then call or text your person letting them know the 24 hour commitment you just made. If you have stumbled in the past 24 hours you report that too. Each day the author has written a short devotional adding to the day’s start. I ordered the books for the guys and will introduce it to them next week. I’m so grateful for God’s Light that He gives. These men I’m talking about are not dealing with their “first rodeo” struggling with sobriety. This book is written just for them. I’m doing it along with them knowing I’m always one slip away from stumbling myself.

Our God is so kind and amazing!

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