As I crawled into bed last night knowing it was likely going to freeze this morning, I asked God to protect the vegetable and flower plants I have in the greenhouse. I awoke quite early to hear the windmills whirling in the neighboring orchards so I got up to check the temperature in the greenhouse. It was right at freezing. I have a small heater in it, but…. I put a covering over all of the small plants with the heater under the cover. The plants were smiling as I left!

I so often write these days about the counseling program I’m involved with. I just can’t get away from doing so. It seems every day I am able to see God’s handiwork in the lives of those coming. One person who is coming is one I’ve known for 45 years. As they left yesterday, I was told how much this is helping them far above what they’d ever hoped. It truly is humbling and amazing to be in a position where all of your life events can be tools in God’s hands. I am a very grateful servant!

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