Yesterday was such a nice day. One of my granddaughter’s turned 16 and she wanted her party to be at our home. Kathy was going to be gone but that was no problem. I enjoy hosting. My granddaughter wanted homemade ice cream which I have only frozen over the years, never made. I said we’d have to save this request for another occasion. However, the day after I said this I realized I can follow a recipe so I then said I’d make it. Well, it was a big success! Grandpa was happy along with my granddaughter and the rest of the family.

Have you ever noticed that when God answers prayer it is often so much more than the simple prayer was? My devotional this morning was pointing this out. It made me think all over again how I use to pray for God to remove the memories of my abusive past so I could live in freedom. Little did I realize that His plan was so much bigger and meaningful. He didn’t remove the memories at all. What He did was to replace the guilt and shame with the desire to use the memories to help others be free of their own bondage. I know I’ve written about this a lot, but it is worth writing about again. Our God is so much richer and bigger than our wildest dreams. He will complete them with His purpose in mind which is so much more fulfilling than than anything we might want.

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