Have you ever noticed the difference in people and their expression of “I love you”? This statement is one I never heard from either of my parents as a child growing up. I wouldn’t even of wanted to hear it from my dad. It would have only added fuel to my bitterness towards him if I thought he loved me on top of his abusive behaviors. However, my mom was such the opposite. She deeply cared for each of us kids from the physical standpoint. The girls talk about mom’s care for them from the emotional standpoint also.

My sis-in-law invited me to join them for dinner last night ahead of going to choir practice. This topic of love came up. She is one who never lets her kids or grandkids leave without them knowing she loves them. I have grandkids who are exceptionally good at saying this each and every time we are together. They prompt me to do the same. This statement is truly one of kindness and affection. I know that I am much more like my mom in that I can easily care for you, but saying this doesn’t come to mind unless I’m reminded by another one’s words.

God has not let this rest in my mind and heart since last night. I need to grow in saying this–I love you. Words are powerful. My heart is in this statement so I need to get better at letting others know.

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