This morning as I’ve reread yesterday’s post I am prompted to add a piece which didn’t hit me until today. The name God gave himself when He was dealing with Moses and the Israelites was I AM. I’ve heard many, many times over the years that this name God has given Himself testifies to the truth that God is in our present–today. In the flesh we can only live in the present so God is telling us to keep our minds in today for that is where we will find Him.

When I was in counseling (not so many years ago), one of the most grueling things for me was reliving so many times of abuse: sexual, physical and verbal. What became healing during this process was finding God in them by understanding that when God gave man choice, man chose this behavior–not God. The abuse was entirely about man’s choice–the abuse of God giving us choice. I didn’t own anything about the abuse. Only then was I able to finally let the sins I thought I carried due to the abuse–go. They were not mine to carry, they had been done to me, not committed by me.

When you realize God is I AM, we need to go back and find God’s I AM presence in our past when we are locked into a lie thinking God had abandoned us. This GREAT I AM is in each and every day we have lived and will be in each and every day we will live. The bondage of sin is the absence of finding God in that time and taking whatever steps need to be taken to let God into the time. Sometimes it is letting the the abuser own all that they did. Sometimes we have to confess a part we may have had. Whatever is needed, we can take the appropriate steps to let God be in it. Helping others do this today is such a wonderful, humbling privilege!

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