There is a point I’ve been trying to make clear (for me) for readers that I still haven’t done very well. In the past couple of days I’ve hit upon God being I AM (a name He gave Himself during the time of Moses). God is the same yesterday, today and forever so He still is I AM. The only place I AM fits is when one is in today.

Yesterday I wrote about finding God in the days of abuse which were my past. In therapy I was enabled to bring the abuse of my past to the present–the today. It was then I was able to let God be in scene with me clarifying for me who the abuser was, who the abused was and where God was in this troubling time. It was also here that God made it very clear that the gift of choice which He gave mankind could also be turned into a curse when man chooses to use choice selfishly.

The GREAT I AM can and will help us when we are able to let Him enter into our troubled pasts–today. Because of God’s Grace and Mercy, today I am free from my past’s bondage. Will I ever be anxious? Well, yes, but as soon as I allow God to enter into the scene in my mind that triggers the anxiety, I can surrender it and find that promised PEACE which passeth all understanding!

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