Have I ever written here that I love the springtime? Well, if I haven’t, know that I do! Today I will begin planting the deck pots. It brings great joy to my heart planting them and then watering and watching their beauty until fall’s frost finally brings them to an end. Life is beautiful when you’re a flower!

There are somethings in our lives that speak to our spirit. Gardening is a spirit thing for me. Grandkids are another spirit speaker. Music–gospel and classical are spirit speakers for me. This counseling program is another unexpected spirit speaker for me. In fact, spending 50 years in education was a spirit speaker for me. These things I write about are never seen as work, but things I get to do and experience. Each one of us has somethings which speak to our spirit and we treasure them.

God is Himself Spirit. Faith, Trust, Hope, Assurance are all examples of solid rock in God’s Spirit world. He wants you and me to live in this confidence with Him. Awakening to the beauty of God’s Spirit is nothing less than AMAZING to a man of flesh. If we try to see spirit through the lens of the flesh we only see a mystery–confusion–question marks. However, seeing Spirit through spirit we see Hope, we find Trust building, we discover Faith which leads to Confidence and we find ourselves moving forward with a JOY we’ve never known before!

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