Have you ever noticed how faith, trust, hope and words of this nature grow in importance and understanding as we continue in our walk with God? My devotional today brought this out with great clarity. When I compared what these looked like to me when I was in my young years, they were words that I used to get through my childhood. When I left home for college and then started my life of “independence”, I found I needed to continue to use them. When I was in my childhood I thought getting through it would give me freedom. However, when I got to college I found I had the bondage of my childhood so I shifted my faith, trust and hope to the “freedom of living” with no one knowing. As life went on I found that this way of living had its own punishment. It turned into nightly nightmares and withdrawing from social gatherings and more.

Freedom comes from sharing and learning how as James 5:16 tells us. The sharing needs to be with someone you trust because that is when we begin to truly heal for the prayers of who we tell are “powerful and effective” as this verse tells us. So, how does simply telling one’s story give freedom? Well, it starts with faith, trust and hope in what God’s Word tells us and He then performs His miracles of healing. We can never know this if we don’t take the first step and then the next, and then the next….

God is Amazingly Wonderful when we start this journey of obedience to His Word.

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