Yesterday had some challenging moments in it which not so long ago would have led to intense temptations to “give comfort”. I’ve lived for years with Satan’s lies coming at me telling me that comfort is just a tap of my phone away. Of course if I followed his temptation I would then find myself steeped in the guilt and shame that followed. This was not the case yesterday. The challenging moments were followed with surrender and processing with God.

In years past I wouldn’t allow my emotions to be felt so I’d stuff them. Emotions were something that caused my dad to explode with abusive actions and words. I would never allow myself to do that so I couldn’t feel or else I might be “like dad”. God has certainly brought me to a different place today. He wants me to feel emotion and to acknowledge that they are real and have purpose. Yesterday’s emotions were first felt. As I processed them with God He gave me words to express them. He even gave me words to understand the purpose of them.

It seems odd now to look at the day yesterday and find that living in the flesh, as we all do, coupled with God’s Spirit allows us to not let the flesh own us. The flesh we have was never created to be sinful, and we don’t have to choose sin today no matter what the circumstances. Wow, God is AMAZING!

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