Today my younger brother and I are the same age until my birthday July 1. We get to be twins for almost two months! That’s always been a family joke.

I’ve had 4 new people start counseling this week. Each one has had a very unique story filled with a great deal of consternation and strife. In each case they are close to their “wits end”. This morning I was reflecting on these with God when He instantly reminded me of the line Celebrate Recovery uses--“God takes our mess and turns it into His message.” I needed to hear this from Him. It makes Faith, Trust and Hope come to life when I remember this truth.

The amazing thing about what God does with our mess when we allow Him into it is He begins to remove the torment. God takes what has been tormenting us and turns it into relief as we release our hold on it and give the hold to Him. Learning how to shift my own past from my expectations to God’s expectations has been nothing but humbling and amazing. It is such a delight to watch God now do this for others!

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