There are some points about living life for Christ that should be “no brainers”, but I keep finding new tidbits that I awaken to which surprise me that I didn’t already live knowing them. I am talking about the selfishness of sin.

I mentioned a few weeks ago about a 90 day commitment I’ve challenged some men to do about addressing their addiction/s. I have been taking myself through this book/devotional also having started it a couple of weeks ahead of them so I could be sure I’m recommending a sound piece of work. There is no question in my mind regarding the book’s soundness. It is one I’d recommend to anyone. Each day one commits to sobriety for 24 hours and prays to God for His Holy Spirit’s strength and then connects to his accountability person giving him the same commitment one gave to God. He then initials the commitment and dates it.

Yesterday afternoon was a time of struggle/battle for me. As I was journaling about it this morning God showed me what I started to write about: the selfishness of sin. The battle of porn I’ve always connected to my brother’s sexual use of me for so many years. However, this morning as I was journaling God pointed out that yesterday’s struggle was my own. It may have begun from sexual use in my childhood years, but the current struggle is my choice. My eyes had turned from Him to the potential lust of sin. It was there I needed to make a decision–my choice. Of course I’ve known this for MANY years, but the reality of it this morning sunk in as my struggle within the 24 hours. I decided whether I would step in or turn away and put my eyes on God surrendering the struggle to the Holy Spirit within me. Seeing this selfishness within me (that is part of my flesh) was powerfully effective. The last thing in the world I want to look like is selfish. Boy, do I love this God we get to serve! He truly is THE TEACHER!

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