My bible reading has me reading the Psalms at the present time. I know I’ve written in times past about my attitude towards the Psalms in my past. I use to think they were a series of complaints with some niceties now and then. However, the more I awaken to the fullness of God living in me the more I enjoy and deeply appreciate all that they are saying. Trusting and Believing God to be the answer to all of life’s woes has become something I have learned to know is true for all of us–including me.

I have a good friend who is out-of-state presently with his wife. They have each lost a sibling recently and are having to close out estates and clean out each one’s homes. It is a miserable time for them for the siblings weren’t living for Jesus and the homes are a mess. They keep finding more and more stumbling blocks including the texts I’ve already received this morning. When I reminded my friend that he is not there alone, God is bigger than all of this and has answers which haven’t been seen as of yet, he responded with a big thanks. We are a team player when we reach out to God and other trustworthy friends.

I lived so long in isolation believing the lies of the deceiver. Helping others see and trust God’s Light is a privilege and humble honor as each day comes. Just as David was reaching out in many of his Psalms, God is wanting us to do exactly the same today.

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