The journey’s message for today is to address The Holy Spirit’s nudges for the sake of obedience–not for the outcome. I had thought I was done with making amends as we call it in Celebrate Recovery. However, when I was reading my devotional and came across this challenge, I quickly thought–“well, I’m done with that part”. It was then that God’s Spirit reminded me of a very ugly statement I’d made a few years ago. It was in a setting when the small group of people laughed out loud. However, the statement had an underlying purpose of “hurt” on my part. The hurt I’d felt from the person I said it to has never been addressed and my sarcastic statement only added complications to the hurt for me. Well, it is time for me to address it, not for the sake of the outcome, but for the sake of obedience. I truly love that line!

I’m not sure when this will take place, but I know now that it will. I do not want to be disobedient. God has been so good to me and now I need to clean an act that sure didn’t look like one representing the God I serve.

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