God is so GOOD! Last night our quartet did a concert at the home of our accompanist. There were 50+ people invited. I don’t know when I have felt so motivated to glorify God with music that points the listener directly to Him. The evening seemed to do just that. The audience responded with many wiping tears and raising hands in thanksgiving plus clapping at times to the rhythm and words of the song/s. There were times when it was simply hard to keep singing. I had my own emotions to contend with. I use to hide these emotions as best I could always thinking emotions were not good. They lead to trouble. Even good emotions trigger negative ones when they are heightened. (So my childhood had taught me). So, best to keep them all in check.

I am learning to enjoy emotions. Little had I recognized in myself how deeply I love and appreciate them. From telling a funny joke to experiencing the Love and Grace of Jesus Himself, emotions are the expression of our appreciation. God’s Spirit is filled with emotions and I now love them within myself. Our God is so patient and good helping us to grow and continue to grow even in our “older days”.

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