How enjoyable it is to have the family come together to honor the moms and grandma! A grandpa can never get too much of this.

Last night Kathy and I finished watching season 3 of The Chosen. We hadn’t watched any of them until a couple of weeks ago. We have done a marathon of watching and last night ended it. The closing scene of Jesus holding Peter in his lap is so touching. I won’t tell anymore as I don’t want to ruin anyone’s experience. What got to me is observing Jesus holding him. It has taken me a lifetime to get to the point of knowing and believing that Jesus actually held me with sheer love and grace and anointed with His mercy. Grieving my past and redirecting the lies I’d come to believe, were a start for knowing Jesus wants to let us know He holds us in His Spiritual Arms of love.

God is so much more loving than I was raised to believe. The days of judgment were very big in the messages I was given as a child. I know that these days of judgment will come, but right now God is wanting His kids to know this is His time of Grace. He wants to forgive our sins if we will simply come to Him asking for forgiveness and beginning to live daily serving Him. He is such a remarkably loving Father!

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