One of the amazing discoveries I’ve found by finally opening up fully to the bondage of my past, is the intimacy I’m finding with God, His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit. I’ve heard many times that knowing the depth of love comes best when you’ve known the depth of an absence of it. I have no idea if I were loved as a child. I know that mom took care of the physical me but looking back on it there is little if any evidence of love. If my dad were to have loved me I wouldn’t have wanted it because I’d never want to be loved by someone who beats you and tears you apart with words.

I began to learn what love is when I had kids and married my wife of today. She knew love and gives it freely. There are so many others who modeled this well who were part of my life in adulthood. Trying to fit the love of God into my childhood left me knowing that God is Love, but for some reason He didn’t care for this “one” for some reason.

So many years later and having worked through these issues of bondage, I have found an intimacy with God that I treasure. Had I never known and experienced the emptiness of love’s absence I would not know the immensity of God’s Love today that all of us have access to. Reaching out by opening up to the bondage within is the important first step. Don’t live another day in the past’s bondage. There is a Love like no other awaiting you!

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