I met with my prayer warrior for a time yesterday and did a little gardening for her. She is such a treasure! She asked me about a couple of the men she’s been praying for. She wanted to know if they have found the Jesus she and I love so dearly and know He loves us? With all of the things these two men need prayer about, this is the first and most important or which she prays. If you are curious about the response–no, they have not found this Jesus as of yet, but their hearts are much more willing to address this topic openly than they had ever been before. I know God’s Spirit is working with them.

One of the things I keep having to remind myself about is timing. I know that God’s timing is perfect and He is never time bound as I feel I always am. I am not eternal and will not be until death’s door is opened for me to eternity. God already is eternal and he knows each of our timelines so working with us never needs deadlines. God’s Spirit reminds me that the relationship with Jesus we pray these young men will have is truly something God will take care of. Yes, I know He wants me to be an instrument in His Hands, but the readiness and the decision lye in the timing of The Holy Spirit. With this I can relax and do whatever my part is.

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