The Journey Continues: May 27, 2016

This morning upon writing my blog I am going to my oldest granddaughter’s 8th grade graduation.  She is a GEM.  She texted me yesterday asking me to come.  Now isn’t that a nice gesture!  I’d never have known it was going to take place otherwise.

Yesterday I got a message forwarded to me from my daughter in Oklahoma.  A person she knows had read the book and had sent a message to her about its impact on her.  She had been sexually abused for several years in her childhood and is working through it now.  I do appreciate knowing that the book is being used for God’s purposes and for His glory.  Somehow, I minimize the damage abuse had on me because I don’t want to think it had/has such control over me.  However, when I read a message like the one sent to me, I wake up fully to the extent of the damage and yes, to me too.  God’s blessed gift of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit is so comforting at times like this.  But I must say that the gift of one another is sometimes the first level of intimate help.  This person who wrote the message to my daughter is reaching out to someone in her church who gave her my book.  If we don’t reach out to one another, the impact of the damage within us will rip us apart.  God bless her for reaching out and God bless the person helping to lift her up.

I have my own soft side and weak side.  I don’t like to talk about it but I do and I need to address it so it doesn’t become an entrance for Satan’s attacks.  Lets use our support team well.  God gave us one another as well as His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit.  Let them help us as we open up to them.

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