The Journey Continues: August 26, 2016

I found out yesterday that a couple who are dear friends took their youngest child to a rehab center on Wednesday.  It was gruelingly painful for them but they also knew it was the best thing they could do for this 30 year old young man.  As we all do who are struggling with an addiction, we deny its ownership of us–this has been true for their son.  As I talked with them last night I told them I’d be praying for the truth to come forth for their son.  There is a truth I had to face once I stepped out of denial and it was (and still is at times) a daily struggle.  This is about our (my) true identity.

In Celebrate Recovery we introduce ourselves as “Hi, I’m ________, I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who struggles with ______.”  We do this to help convince ourselves that our identity is in Christ Jesus and not in our struggle/addiction.  I was sharing this with them last night to emphasize why so many of us want to stay in denial–we are convinced by our own thinking and Satan’s deception that our struggle is our identity.  We are ashamed of this and want it hidden forever.  The fact that Christ paid the price for this sin just doesn’t ring clear during this time in our life.  Please join me in prayer for this young man as he begins to awaken to himself and the true self that God created in him from the beginning.

Our church is starting a new ministry this Fall for men struggling with a sexual addiction that is solely for this topic.  This addiction is part of Celebrate Recovery, but there are stigmas attached to attending CR.  We hope men will be more apt to attend under this new title.  I’m writing this in the blog because we need prayer for this ministry as the time to start it approaches.  I think I’ve already talked about it a couple weeks ago.  Anyway, two of the potential leaders we had intended to use have relapsed leaving only one to begin the work.  Satan is actively wanting this to not take place.  This awful sin is rampant in our country and world.  Please join me in praying for bondage to be broken in this as we begin on Sept. 20.

I know I can easily get caught up in “ministry work” forgetting momentarily about my personal side and daily struggle.  This type of work has always been a means for me to be lost in my denial–God uses me so I don’t need to address this other part of me–I use to think.  However, as my journey continues, I become more and more aware that God loves me in spite of all my sin even to the point of erasing it through the blood of His Own Son–Jesus.  I want to claim this and let the truth of this be my shield as I step into the battle of living one day at a time.

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