The Journey Continues: Nov. 22, 2016

Synergy is an interesting word.  I learned many years ago in an educational conference that we need to create opportunities for our thinking to meet up with other thinking.  If we do this in such a way that we aren’t trying to win but to see if our own thinking needs a fuller picture, we can have a synergistic outcome–an opportunity where something greater happens as a result of bringing two or more sources together.

I woke in the middle of the night unable to sleep due to so many things I’m presently involved in conflicting at the moment.  The week after Thanksgiving is when the conflicting moment hits.  During next week our choir has 4 major rehearsals for its production on Dec. 4.  I am conducting a federal programs review in North Idaho during two of these rehearsal dates.  I’m also missing a day with my commitment to Kuna School Dist. at this time.  I’ve still got songs to memorize for the production, a host of files to review for the federal program work, a lesson to teach tomorrow night for Celebrate Recovery and go through Conquer’s lesson I’m leading tonight.  With all this our flooring is finally being installed today with all of them coming at the same time which was not to happen.

I got up and took all of this to God this morning thinking I’ve just got to back away from some things.  His first response was a reminder that one doesn’t quit in the midst of crisis.  One perseveres and learns while doing so.  I was sorting all these things I do into categories like:  ones done for selfish pleasure like singing, ones done for financial reasons, ones done for ministry, etc.  I was at a point of sorting them out when God reminded me to take a look at these as my new self in Him.  As I was writing down what I was hearing Him say I realized that these things I do are not new things.  The new thing is that all of them are coming to a head during next week.  It doesn’t need to be a crisis at all because I’ve already talked with everyone involved and there’s no conflict for them.  God told me to see what His brilliant light looks like when I walk through this as a new creation.  This moment brought the synergistic moment I mentioned at the start.  I was ready to call and cancel something or somethings.  God said to listen to Him and act on His leading which was to persevere and learn.  So, I’ve always loved being a learner and still do.  I’ll take today and see what it brings in preparation for next week.

PS–I also have a yard full of leaves I wanted to rake today–it’s actually what I selfishly want to do–its a pretty day today once the sun is out fully.

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