The Journey Continues: Nov. 23, 2016

It is so amazing to see what takes place when one is fully surrendered to letting God take the lead.  What I confessed in yesterday’s blog is my example of this.  The men all came who are doing the flooring.  It will be finished this morning in time to get furniture moved out of the dining room so we can host Thanksgiving.  The work of the federal review got a good start with me being able to go through more than a hundred electronic files.  The lesson for Conquer was ready in time, the lesson for Celebrate Recovery tonight was reviewed and I even got the leaves raked and the lawn mowed for the last time.  My yard is an acre in size so that’s no small task.  I only chronicle all of this because when God is in the lead for the journey of the day and I am fully submitted to His leadership, I can celebrate a day well spent instead of frustrating over what still isn’t done.

The Conquer series I’m presently participating in tells me that in our old selves we have created pathways in our brain about beliefs which are self-destructive.  In Celebrate Recovery these beliefs are called character defects.  When I choose to rely on the habits of the old self thinking I would have contacted someone and backed away from some event or two knowing I just couldn’t do them well and please find someone who could.  God was needing for me to see all of this in the new person He created.  In so doing yesterday I not only saw the work being done, but I also had the experience of enjoying doing it.  The day didn’t end with me telling myself–good grief, I still have this and this and this left to do–being so anxious.  Instead, last night when I got home from Conquer I sat down and took a moment of giving thanks to God for helping me truly experience a day of enjoyment completing many tasks I never thought I would complete.  With God all things are possible and this applies to our daily living when we allow God to take charge.

So, today is not too much different from yesterday but I started a lesson yesterday I want to continue into today and from living in the lesson, help create a new pathway in my brain that knows to trust God, surrender all things for the day to Him, and rejoice in Him and His leadership.

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