The Journey Continues: Nov. 24, 2016

This journey has brought me to knees this morning–not in sorrow, but in true Thanksgiving.  My scripture reading had me reading in Luke about Christ’s betrayal and crucifixion.  As I was reading it I found myself relating to the disciples’ responses to Christ.  I can just hear myself saying that I’d NEVER betray you!  Little do we know about our fickle humanness.  It is so much easier to understand Christ’s words to his disciples when we are reading them 2000 years later!

Today I am most grateful for the persistence of God, His Son Jesus and His Gift–The Holy Spirit.  More and more I am awakening in this journey to my need to live in this world, but, as best possible, stay awake to the spiritual side of it.  God’s Holy Spirit is our greatest gift, but we are only awake to His presence when we surrender to His leadership.  Each morning I surrender my will to God, but I find I need to do this often throughout the day.  The events within a day often have me stepping right into my old self for a moment.  Today, I am so grateful for God’s ever present help and His faithfulness.

The other thing I’m most grateful for is my family.  My earthly family is one and my spiritual family is the other.  The older I get the more I realize that life is above all about family and our relationship within the family.  We all have influence whether we like it or not.  I so easily look at my own family and instantly see those who had that loving influence and those with quite the opposite.

Have a wonderful day of Thanksgiving today!  Our God is magnificent.  Let Him know this along with all those you love.

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