The Journey Continues: Nov. 25, 2016

Today’s journey started quite early with my 13 year old grandson staying overnight so he and I could black Friday shop early this morning.  We were up at 4:30 am and with his hot chocolate and my Folgers, off we went.  By 9:00 am we were headed home having successfully finishing a fairly healthy list of gifts for all the grandsons, and a few extra ones for his help and a couple essentials for me–house slippers!  This particular grandson lived with us for his first couple years of life and we have been bonded since.  He’s my 2nd oldest one.  When my oldest grandson caught on, at about the age of 5, that this one was spending a lot more time with me than he was, he asked one day which grandson was my favorite?  I told him my favorite was whichever grandson was with me at the time.  He wrinkled his forehead for a minute and then started grinning.  He said, “I get it–if I’m with you I’m the favorite and if Hayden is with you he is the favorite.”  I told him that was exactly right.  There has been no problem since then.

Somehow I think God is a lot like this.  His exception is that He is omnipresent–always with everyone of us equally all the time.  That makes each one of us His favorite any anytime and at any day.  I love that!  Hold onto to that thought whenever Satan tries to rob you or me of God’s great promises.

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