The Journey Continues: June 23, 2017

Last night was a critical meeting with the second project I’d mentioned a few days ago regarding trying to know if God is wanting me to continue with it.  It is a difficult commitment and has been almost from the start of working with it.  Last night’s meeting had much light shed on the issues blocking the project moving forward.  Another member had called me saying they were ready to pull out and I was feeling that way too.  However, in the meeting we were able to define the “elephant in the room” and begin to at least address some changes that must be made if we are to make any headway.  We are meeting again in a week.  In the meantime each member is to pray seeking God’s insights for our personal commitment to the work and what exactly God would want us doing for Him in the work.  We will come back and start the meeting with this going around the room for each member to tell what God has said to him/her.

In my own Bible reading this morning I am reading about Elijah being taken up to heaven in the chariot of fire, II Kings, chapter 2.  Before he is taken Elijah asks Elisha what he would like from him before He departs.  Elisha says he’d like a double portion of his spirit to be upon him.  Joyce Myers, who has authored this edition of the Amplified Bible I’m reading, writes an insert regarding this request of Elisha.  She says: “I have always felt that Elijah was saying, “If you stick with me until the very end, if you finish what you started many years ago–then you may have what you asked for….  We must be able to endure hardship, wait longer for results than we expected,…. Make a decision today that from now on, by God’s grace, you will always finish what you start…. God has a double portion blessing waiting for you, but you will find it at the finish line.”

With this message the morning after the meeting where my charge is to seek God’s message for me, I find this very insightful.  God is so good and I sure don’t want to be “under blessed” because of my selfishness.  Now I will keep listening to God to see just exactly what He wants me to be doing for Him with this team of God workers.


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