The Journey Continues: June 24, 2017

Yesterday was an interesting day.  Originally I was to help a family clean their yard along with several others.  However, on Wed. evening at our Celebrate Recovery, we’d met with a mom whose son is in jail.  The mom is deaf and I knew I was to go with her yesterday to assist getting help for her and the son.  The son is part of our group but has some disabilities complicating the case.  The mom was needing to go into Oregon for the meetings as the son was arrested there.  Since the mom is deaf it is next to impossible for her to work her way through a conversation using a notepad for them to respond to questions she asks–especially when the conversation topics are so private and critical.  It is equally difficult for them to want to take the time to write out their questions so she can respond to them.  Thus, my reason for going.

I had prayed yesterday morning knowing I didn’t know what to do except go.  I picked the mom up and listened to her talk for an hour while we drove to the destination.  When I pulled into town I asked a lady on the sidewalk who was putting out a sign for her store, where B street was.  She said I was only two blocks away and I’d see the courthouse as I reached it.  She didn’t even know that was exactly what I was looking for.  As we got into the courthouse it only took two stops to be at the exact window for our help.  The lady was so nice.  She printed out the details of the son’s case.  We thought we’d need to ask for an attorney but they’d already assigned one.  In fact, the lady said to turn around as the lawyer assigned was standing only a few feet from us.  I quickly walked to her, introduced the mom and me telling about the son.  She was pleasant and asked us to go to her office and set an appointment for the mom and her to meet.  We did this and the meeting is now set for next Friday–two weeks ahead of the hearing.

This morning I was thanking God for his intervention.  I was quickly reminded that I was joining Him yesterday.  He wasn’t joining me.  He’d already had these details in place.  I was only needing to obey His nudges so that the mom and lawyer could meet and His intent would be accomplished.  The timing was exactly what God had in mind.  I am sure learning that God is at work all the time in the details of our lives.  It isn’t until we open our eyes and ears and obey His nudges that we begin to recognize just how true this is.  It isn’t that He is waiting to work, but He waits for us to recognize His work and join it.  How Amazing God is.  I even told God this morning that He is Amazing and He said, “This is Who I Am.  It seems amazing because we are not use to working so routinely with Him.”  As I grow in my own awareness of God’s work I find it is truly AMAZING, but this is simply natural for God as this is WHO HE IS.

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