The Journey Continues: Nov. 23, 2017

Today is truly a day of Thanksgiving.  However, if we only look around us at our country’s turmoil and discontent one would wonder where any Thanksgiving is.  The state of Thanksgiving is within us and within each of us if it is to be found.  The Pilgrims had much to be grateful with the shared help of the native Americans giving them physical needs–food and shelter.

Our gratefulness is likely more about God’s redeeming work within us.  That is what’s true for me.  Kathy and I are fortunate in that our material needs are few.  However, my life has been filled with a desire to be free within of torment I could do nothing about I thought except steel it off.  That worked for many years.  Today, however, God has shown me the “peace that passes all understanding.” Philippians 4:7.  This peace (freedom) is not of this world but it is a peace that only comes when we truly give God full access to our heart, mind and soul.  I cannot encourage you enough to take this risk.  God has proven over and over to me His genuine love and compassion.  He has taken my life which I thought could only be cleansed upon death of this earthly body and made it into a living testimony for Him.  This is God’s Miracle for each of us if we will trust and obey Him.

This is the story of my present Thanksgiving.  Yes, my kids and grandkids are coming and yes, I’m most grateful for each of them.  There are friends coming too for which I’m grateful.  But, what I’m most grateful about is what I stated above.  I pray this peace and freedom is yours.  If it is not, I challenge you to take the step of faith asking God to show Himself to you.  Invite Him to live within you.  He will do it for His heart’s desire is to be in your heart.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Continues: Nov. 23, 2017”

  1. I love your blog for today, and admire your strength and your faith. I too have a story of survival I hope to someday share. With God, all things are possible. You are an inspiration, and I wish you the best on this, Thanksgiving day 2017.


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