The Journey Continues: Nov. 25, 2017

My journey had me up @ 4:15 am yesterday so one of my grandsons and I could do our annual black Friday shopping.  He is my best helper getting gifts for all the other grandsons.  Kathy takes care of the 6 granddaughters and I do the 6 grandsons.  We had a good time together.  It never occurred to me until this morning that I’d not taken the time to sit down with God for my daily devotions yesterday.  There were a number of times during the day I felt His guidance.  He reminded me this morning that our daily time is not our only time.  He is my God and He is with me with our without the hour start in the morning.  I sort of knew that, but it was good to hear Him confirm it.

Yesterday while early morning shopping, we had completed the first two hours and were ready to hit IHOP for breakfast.  I didn’t know where any were in Boise by the mall.  I knew there was one in Meridian where we were headed so I thought I’d try and find it.  It was still dark and as I pulled out of the mall parking lot I could not believe my eyes to find an IHOP sign shining in my face!  We celebrated.  I asked our waitress how long they’d been there and she said, “Ten years.”  I laughed and she also said, “We have miracles even in the start of a day.”  I don’t know if she knew how firmly that hit me.

As we got home later morning and my grandson went back to bed I began to do Christmas lights on the front of our home.  Our neighbors came over with their son and daughter in law to say hi.  They were going across the road to an open house a winery was hosting which had purchased the 40 acres across from me.  I had been concerned because they were doing a great deal of excavating and I’d feared they were putting up a building across the road from my spectacular view of the valley and mountains.  They asked if I’d like to go so I went with the desire to find if my fears were going to be real.  As I met the neighbors and asked, I was told, “Oh, we would never put up a building there.  We are adding a drain field.  We will be planting berries and flowers in this area.”

Later in the afternoon I went to my hearing aid appointment.  Once the testing was complete they fitted me with aids they thought would be best suited.  I could not believe the acuity of hearing.  It was spectacular.  I could not remember when I’d heard so well.

As I began my journaling time this morning I was thanking God for yesterday.  I was asking Him to show me what would be the perfect gifts for each grandson–a gift they’d treasure and want to hang on to knowing it was better than even they’d imagined.  He seemed to ask, “You mean like what I gave you yesterday with the news about your new neighbors and the field of berries and flowers across from you and your new ability to hear along with showing you an IHOP right when you and Hayden were ready to eat?”  I thought, yes, Father,  “that’s exactly the kind of gift I want my grandsons to receive.  The ones they know are a gift–and one which is inspired by God Himself.

Our God is an amazing, intimate Father & Friend!

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