The Journey Continues: Nov. 26, 2017

Yesterday was a remarkable day.  One of our Celebrate Recovery men had scheduled to share his inventory with me.  I knew to prepare for it as he’d told me he needed to share some things which were similar to my own past abuse.  As he began to share I was stricken by so many similarities to my own story.  I kept reminding myself to listen and not let his story become my own bringing forth of fears and anxieties.  I kept letting go so I could let God guide his speaking and my responses.  After about 20 minutes of this I was able to relax and truly engage.  The warfare was in the right hands–God’s.

This had reminded me of a few years back when I was younger in Celebrate Recovery.  A young man had asked me to be his sponsor and he scheduled a time to share his inventory with me.  I knew nothing about his story–or little about it.  As we met the first time and he began to share a past of abuse so much like my own I could hardly stand it.  I had steeled myself to simply sit there and endure it as though it were happening to me all over again.  After that session I called my own sponsor and broke down and bawled.  I then went to my counselor and asked what I could do about this?  I was young in meeting with my own counselor/therapist at this time.  She taught me about preparing for warfare ahead of these times of sharing.  Satan is wanting to use them to get the sponsor too.  His manipulative ways when roots of a story are within you too can be easily used to get you back into the bondage of sin.

Yesterday wasn’t this way.  The three hours we met were remarkably in God’s hands.  I know God has intentions for this man who shared his story.  I was so glad I got to be a tool of God for him.  Later in the day I had a call from a lady I’ve known many years.  She’s read my book and wanted to tell me about her friend who had looked her up and told her about her son.  He’s newly married but had confessed his own sexual abuse in childhood he’d never told his mom about.  He’s filled with fear and shame because of it.  My book is being given to him so hopefully God can loosen Satan’s grip of bondage by showing that other men have a past too which God has restored.  The grip of bondage starts to be broken when we can tell someone.  This morning I’ve prayed for the one who shared with me yesterday and this young man I’ve never met.  God uses every hurt and replaces it with His genuine Love and Mercy as we are able to surrender and tell.  He is so remarkable in how He does this.

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