The Journey Continues: Nov. 27, 2017

These past 4 days of Thanksgiving weekend, in spite of the whirlwind of activity had an intense amount of reflecting.  Maybe this is partly because of my age, but I also know I have learned the importance of doing my own reflection and helping others to do so.  As I go into this week I almost feel a sense of loss in that the busyness of day to day activity will replace the reflecting time.  This isn’t as true for me since I’m semi-retired.  I find it true for those around me where life has them caught.  I know this life all too well.  Taking a daily moment however to reflect on the new day and getting God positioned into it as our Lord and Savior + Our Guide and Friend is so important.  His guiding voice will help us with the planned and unplanned events of the day.  I want to be good at this but I have a “lot of Earnie” to deal with in order to hear and act on God’s nudges as He wants me doing.

Starting tonight we have a week of dress rehearsals for our choir production this weekend.  It is magnificent.  I have all the fears wanting to spring up inside of me saying:  “I can’t do this”, “Why did I ever get myself involved in something requiring dancing and memorizing?,” “You’re too old to be doing something important like this!,” and more.  However, right under each of these striking fears is God’s still small voice telling me He put me here and to trust Him to do His Work.  Keep Him in mind that this is all for Him while I do my part for He will help me with mine as the times come.  I love Him for this.  It is this quiet, reassuring message that helps keep me focused on what is most important and why it is so important.  To God be all Glory!

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