The Journey Continues: Nov. 28, 2017

Luke 16:13 says we cannot serve two masters for, “we will hate the one and love the other….”  This verse really spoke to me today in my Bible reading, especially in light of fully addressing bad habits, addictions we develop from abuse, neglect, whatever life gives us.  I’ve talked about the fact that I use to make excuses for my “sin” (addiction to running to porn) because it was my release–my escape–my cave.  When I was finally able to see that sin was sin and that there were no excuses for mine, I had to face the truth of this scripture.  Sin is a master when I do any of the above trying to make an excuse for it rather than trusting the God who gave me His Son to take that sin and nail it to the Cross.

As I was journaling about this topic this morning I told God this was why I struggled to give my mind over to Him.  It wasn’t so much that I wanted to keep my “sin”, but the memories of all my sin and the sin done to me as well as the temptations to step into it were there and they were so evil and ugly.  In myself I see me as the 67 year old man I am so why would someone like me still struggle?  Why am I not stronger than this?  God told me that I may be old in years, but to Him I am a young child in this area now learning to obey what this scripture tells me.  Satan would have me believing I’m simply lost due to this sinfulness but God has a very different promise for me (you too!).

There is a simple promise God gives us:  “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” Acts 16:31.  This promise is that I am saved because I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  However, Saved doesn’t remove my humanness.  It gives me a bigger promise and that is that in spite of my humanness, God has saved me.  There is so much freedom in Christ once we step into the Light of His Promises for us.  I choose to stay in the Light of my Lord and Savior–Jesus Christ.

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