The Journey Continues: Jan. 24, 2018

In my reading of I Corinthians I’m finding it to be much more about The Holy Spirit than I’d ever realized.  I’ve read it so many times and referenced back to it many times, but this time (probably because I’m so focused on the Holy Spirit) I’m recognizing just how much this book emphasizes The Holy Spirit’s work in our lives.  It even says that The Holy Spirit gives us spiritual gifts.  I found that insightful in that He is a Gift to us from Jesus coming into our lives.  He then gives us spiritual gifts to be used to advance God’s Kingdom work.  I’m sure I’ve had this taught to me at numerous occasions in my past.  Today, God is emphasizing my need to take this teaching a step further in my walk with Him, Christ and The Holy Spirit.  The fact that I’m reading all of this in I Corinthians is evidence that God’s timing is always perfect.

I had to stop in the middle of writing this.  I had suddenly realized I was so eager to get to this writing I’d forgotten to journal.  Always I blog following the journaling and the journaling helps me know what to blog about.  Today it was the scripture reading that had me going.  I still needed to get what I was reading better grounded in me so I stopped and just finished journaling.  I Corinthians 12 ends with the words that the greatest gift the Holy Spirit gives us is love.  This gift we really need to pursue.  As I began to journal I could see so well that I discipline myself to be committed and steadfast.  Yet, The Holy Spirit is showing me that love is to be what drives my discipline so that people don’t see that I’m disciplined but that they see I am loving just as God is loving.  I’ve always wanted to be disciplined so I wouldn’t look like my dad who would always give up part way through something.  Instead God wants me looking to my Heavenly Father as my example.  I needed to wake up to this reality.  Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

2 thoughts on “The Journey Continues: Jan. 24, 2018”

  1. Knowing God and doing as He asks in his timeline is frustrating work, loving God and doing as He asks in His timeline is a joy , for when you truly love God you are filled with the Holy Spirit and He in turn fills you with love. Struggling to bend my knee and move past just knowing Him. I want to love Him again.


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