The Journey Continues: Jan. 25, 2018

I’ve never realized how much God is wanting me to better know His intimate nature.  When I read I Corinthians 13–The Love Chapter–this morning I read it for the first time as God’s nature rather than what I’m suppose to work hard to find.  Not only did I see this chapter as God’s Love, but it is also the very love for which The Holy Spirit imbeds in me and any of us as we let Him have control of our life by simple surrender.

What is becoming so very clear is the totally reverse order of how I’ve lived my entire life until most recently.  Sin lives in darkness and secrecy and it thrives there just life mold.  However, love is pureness of God, it’s Light and it brings welcome and health.  As I’ve begun to open up about my past I’ve never been ridiculed by anyone, sinner or believer.  I thought the whole world would cast me into darkness keeping me from my work with kids in education.  The church would disown me from attending or working there.  Instead, I’m welcomed with open arms.  What I’ve also noticed this morning is how much more I love people who are struggling just as I always have.  It is not only easy to love them, I relate to every aspect of their struggle even if the struggle is different than my own.  I realized when I was reading I Corinthians 13 that this love is not something to “work” for, it is a natural awakening love that The Holy Spirit has given us.  However, it isn’t until we let the human bondage go that our spirit is free to love as God loves us.

Just like everything else I’ve learned about living the Christian life, it isn’t what I endeavor to do, it is resulting from what God is making me into.  I’ve got a long way to go, but it is so much fun to have my eyes opening more and more to God’s fullness and what freedom in Him is all about.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Continues: Jan. 25, 2018”

  1. I would never have been able to openly and honestly share my past with God, myself and others had it not been for the Holy Spirit ( ever so slightly at first) providing the strength and courage. The more baggage I dropped the more He filled my heart. Frustrating to start over, though the mustard seed of faith I have been given by the Holy Spirit is the most wonderful gift I have received in a long time.


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