The Journey Continues: Mar. 18, 2018

I feel as though I need to say thanks to you who dial in to this blog.  Writing yesterday’s message was a big help.  I was able to let go of a weight I didn’t like having to state.  However, in so doing, I had a freer day.  I also was able to listen to what my wife was telling me about the form.  I then made an accompanying one.  The first one is to be done by the Sponsee.  The second one is to be completed by the Sponsor.  It will outline the steps he/she will take adding a scriptural emphasis of truth from God’s Word.

I called my sis yesterday morning and we talked for quite a while.  She has some difficult decisions she needs to make so we were talking through some strategies to help her find God’s Leading in them.

Today in my devotional reading by the Blackaby’s I was brought to a truth I hadn’t seen articulated the way it is in their devotional .  The scripture was Psalms 50:15.  It reads, “Call on me in the day of trouble, I will receive you, and you will honor Me.”  There are a number of verses in the Bible telling us God wants us to reach out to Him and He will give us relief, comfort, etc.  I use to think these verses were for all of you.  God didn’t give me the relief I begged Him to give.  Some of this is why I say in my testimony that I thought God was a kind and powerful God, but He just didn’t think too much of me.  However, the last part of the verse–“you will honor Me” has a connection I never attached to my request.  In my mind, honoring God was going to be my being free of my past so I could sing for Him, work for Him, lead for Him, whatever He wanted done I could do it without my past baggage.  God had been waiting for me to realize He wanted me using my past to honor Him.  It was then He could “receive me” when I called upon Him.  I was then completing the entire scripture just the way He had intended.

Yesterday I told how much my pride has stood in the way of my reaching out for help during temptation.  Today I am outlining how I will reach out with others.  I pray this will become a tool many can use to reach out and the ones being reached to will be able to act upon what God will show them to put on their form.  The Blackaby’s go onto say people need to hear and know how God used our story so they can trust Him to do the same for them.  It was God’s timing reading this today.  I’m taking it so the other men can trust God’s timing for them also.  Being vulnerable is putting Trust in God to work.  I do want to be a good example of this.

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