The Journey Continues: Mar. 23, 2018

Today is the birthday of my favorite sis–Bonnie.  She heads the last 4 of the Lewis kids.  Mom had been given an 8 year hiatus from having kids and then the last 4 arrived starting with Bonnie.  Today she turns 70.  She and I have always been very close for which I am most grateful.  I love her with all my heart and today I want her to know this first hand.

I am meeting this morning with one of my schools and the rest of the day I will need to prepare for the 4 days of work I’ll be doing next week with two school districts on the other side of the state.  I’ll have 10-12 hours of prep work to do ahead of going which I’ll get done throughout the weekend.  My family is going up to McCall for a few days since the grandkids are on spring break.  It leaves me with ample time to get all of the work done and still have some yard time.  This morning I know I am to be in touch with not only my sis, but there are a couple others I need to contact.  They are facing difficulty and they need support.  It is funny how God supports us and others by having us reach out.  I always feel better knowing I’ve been a tool of God.

Yesterday I mentioned embracing the Cross where my past is buried and at this Cross I found the new creation God has given me.  As I was driving to work yesterday I was called by a man who wanted to talk.  He is in same type of therapy as I was a few years back facing his own past.  He has been discovering, as I did, much from his past where he has been in bondage.  It was gratifying to share my own experience with him as he is having his own personal healing leaving his past at the Cross of Christ.  How amazingly patient and kind our God and Team are.  The work of Christ on the Cross and the Gift of His Holy Spirit are to be cherished and I never want to lose sight of this truth.

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