The Journey Continues: Mar. 24, 2018

It is nothing but stunning to me how much I don’t realize about God’s love for mankind which includes me.  It took a lifetime for me to learn the beliefs and behaviors I possess today.  Why do I think I will get instant healing from any of this because I am now aware?  Awareness is the first step to change.  If we don’t think there’s a need to change we will simply pass the thought away.

In my Bible reading this morning in I John 4 & 5 I find John’s writing about how God convicts us of sin.  Joyce Meyers goes into the difference between God’s conviction and man’s condemnation.  God convicts us of sin.  He makes us aware of something we have done and that we need to correct it.  We take specific steps to do this and it is then done.  These aren’t necessarily easy, but we do know what to do about sin and conviction of it.  Joyce talks about her own condemnation struggle.  Because of her past abuse it has taken years for her to overcome her own self-condemnation feeding off of Satan’s lies he puts into our minds which create beliefs.  Condemnation is definitely something man does and Satan feeds.  It impacts identity, beliefs—things at our core.  Joyce goes on to say that she spent months and months confronting condemnation with God’s Truth from scripture.  I’ve had others say this to me and I have taken steps to do this.  However, I will do more of this for I know the new creation God has made in me doesn’t self-condemn.  I want to respond to conviction when it is necessary and not to condemnation I’ve battled all my life.

God is so faithful.  I can’t know the fullness of His Faithfulness unless I believe and take the steps to replace condemnation with His Truth.  This journey of my life is going to include believing God made a masterpiece in me which is said in Ephesians 2:10.  It is the same for you too if the message of this blog rings true for you.

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