The Journey Continues: March 25, 2018

The ground is white with snow this morning. Winter wants one last fling I believe. The internet is down so it’s iPhone writing.

Last night our church hosted a men’s night with a tri-tip steak dinner and wild game. I usually go to these events to support them rather than out of sheer desire. There were a couple hundred men there. There were also some raffles to encourage attendance like a rifle and a 4 wheeler. I know most men crave these toys but for me I’d rather have a new rototiller. I was told that would not attract many men!

As I reflected on the event this morning I was amazed to realize I’d had not one moment feeling threatened. We were packed into a barn and I was right at home. At one point I had thought this use to be very threatening but it wasn’t until this am that I realized how free I felt. God is an amazing healer of deep wounds as we risk trusting Him.

Whatever may be holding us back from trust—ask God for the strength to take a step into it. I did this 10 years ago and now the fear is gone! Praise God! Know it is not different for you.

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