The Journey Continues: Mar. 26, 2018

Yesterday was a spectacular day.  The morning service at church was remarkably good.  Even though my family is gone, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  God was rich in the service and insights were shared.  I had not heard until the sermon yesterday that the giving birth to our new creation is just as painful as a mother giving birth to her new baby.  Facing pain is never fun–never.  However, in facing pain I now have freedom like I would never know.  I don’t want to say that emotional pain is equivalent to birthing pains for a mom, but it is nonetheless painful.  The pain of facing our past, our sin, our selfishness and more is what we do when we surrender our lives to Christ so His Holy Spirit can have control of our life.  This clarity was given in our service yesterday for me.  Yes, the pain is worth it just as a mother’s pain is worth it when she is able to hold that new born child.  God is truly amazing.

Yesterday afternoon I spent a couple hours with my prayer warrior.  She is the one who lost her husband a few weeks back.  He is the pastor I wrote about at the time.  I loved him and love the gifts he left me.  Now his wife is and has been my prayer warrior as I work with recovery–mine and others.  I wanted to comfort her in her loss–maybe I did, but I walked away over 2 hours later being lifted to the throne of Grace.  She is 87 years old but she is alive and on fire for God.  How I thank God for her!

Today I leave for eastern Idaho where I will work through Thursday.  This will end the work I do for the state dept. of education for the season.  I sometimes dread the trips because it usually means times of temptation.  God has given me a blessed peace this morning during my devotions.  I sense Him working in this trip.  I go with anticipation rather than dread.  I also go knowing His Spirit is within me and I will be embracing the Cross of His Son Jesus Christ.  Hallelujah!  Praise His Holy Name!

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