The Journey Continues: Mar. 27, 2018

Why do I ever fear or even begin to question God?  I write this because in the back of my mind I have not wanted to be on this trip today due to one of the people I am working with.  We go back a long way in the education field.  She has been one of those who has made me most uncomfortable even though she has never made any overt moves towards me.  My radar is simply always on high alert when we are together.  Last night when we’d finished getting all documents ready for today, she and I walked across the street from the hotel for dinner.  It was there she told me about her son who has a background exactly like mine.  It wasn’t a brother who abused him, it was the father of her son’s best friend.  This took place for several years.  He was 15 when they found out.  The man is now in prison and her son is in his own prison.  He is married and has 3 girls (like me).  He has talked to his mom but won’t address this with his dad or with any of his siblings.  We talked for two hours.  I keep a copy of my book in the glove box of my car just in case I come across someone where God nudges me to share it.  Last night when we walked back I gave it to her for her son.

Yesterday morning I said God had given me a peace and an anticipation for this trip.  I don’t know if this is the only reason for it but I sure do know God doesn’t wanting me fearing the association with this person.  He wanted me to be willing to listen and let her share.  I have much to learn about trusting more fully this God of mine and ours.  I don’t want to quit growing in Him and letting His Spirit have His way in my life.  He truly is an amazing God!

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