The Journey Continues: Mar. 28, 2018

God just isn’t done with me, transforming me into the likeness of who he created me to be.  I feel Him nudging me to say: “In the likeness of His Son Jesus,”  yet I (we) are all so unworthy of this capability.  However, as I write this I already know that this isn’t about our worthiness but it is all about God’s Grace given to us through His Son Jesus.  Along with all of this, the indwelling of His Precious Holy Spirit.  I just started reading Revelation this morning.  In the first chapter John is writing about hearing this powerful voice behind him.  When he turns around he finds the Transformed Christ in all his glory giving him the message to write to the 7 churches.  He even says the Spirit of these places is the Holy Spirit–the same Holy Spirit that dwells in me (us).

Yesterday’s work with the district showed me 4 men who are running a small Idaho school district with a whole lot of man’s ego.  Today I finish the work and report back to them everything that must be done differently and I’m allowed to offer my help in making these changes in the months ahead.  This morning’s revelation in God’s Word shows me that the Almighty Spirit of God is within me.  I am not giving yet another man’s ego message to these folks.  It is a message of man seeing how his ego is competing with other egos to try and get as much money to do their own thing rather than completing as best possible what is in the best interest of all their kids.  I saw the ego of my dad over and over yesterday.  Now that I know well that dad’s ego stemmed from his insecurities I see that in these men.  I’ve already asked God to let His Wisdom show forth today not through another man’s voice but through Him using a surrendered man.  How that is done in a secular meeting will just be one of God’s workings today.  I’m trusting in Him to complete what He wants done here.  I sense the spirit of evil, but that has already been shattered by the Light of God’s Truth in my devotions so I know it won’t be me, it will be God’s Spirit mightily at work today.

I’m hoping this makes sense to any reader today.  God is showing me that no work is too difficult for Him.  He wants His children treated fairly.  My assignment is to deliver a message to these leaders of the kids about a better way of doing things.  To God be all Glory!

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