The Journey Continues: Mar. 29, 2018

It is amazing to be on God’s team working to do what He wants done for the day.  Yesterday I finished what the day’s work was to be.  Even though I’m not to anticipate what the outcome was to be in God’s leading, but, I did anyway.  I was expecting the four men to have their eyes greatly opened and eager to make changes as needed.  Well, Earnie was awakened yet again to the fact that man doesn’t change so easily.  I’m no different in this category either.  It has taken me 67 years to get to the place of surrender I am today.  One of the men was fully engaged, another one wants to be but he’s very green to the work.  The other two were like misbehaving kids.  I will be back in a month and will address this behavior if it continues then.  My point in writing this is that I’m continually awakened to God’s Work and His Timing.  I keep trying to put the work into my timeframe and with my expected results.  I don’t mean to do this selfishly, but I’m learning it is nonetheless, my selfishness that drives my thinking and expected results.

Today I finish the work here and head home.  It will be nice to get back home too.  This morning I’m reminded that Jesus and his disciples spent this day prepping for The Last Supper.  I can only imagine the anguish Christ was sensing knowing His men still didn’t “get it”.  Their selfishness, their expectations were continuously getting in their way.  I find this so true for me much of the time.  In my Bible reading of Revelations 2 & 3 this morning I am challenged to keep myself open fully to Christ’s leadership in my life.  To also keep His Holy Spirit alive and well within me.  I never want to be lukewarm as John is challenging the churches of the time for which he was writing.  For me to stay on fire I must surrender these selfish moments when I want to yield to temptations of simply thinking about things that could easily yield to sin.  I am instantly being selfish when this happens.  This morning I realize these are the times when I am to “surrender rather than linger”.  Jesus takes these to the Father when I surrender them.  I want to put this into full operation.

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