The Journey Continues: Mar. 30, 2018

I’m home and it is much more like Spring here than on the eastern side of Idaho.  The temperatures are warming there but there is no evidence of life starting to show its colors like flowers beginning to bloom, trees starting to show their changes in color as life if beginning to flow in their veins.  I’m glad to be home where this is happening.

Today is Good Friday.  We know this story.  Even though it is devastating to think about Christ’s crucifixion, we know the purpose, the outcome and the final outcome.  No one of the time recognized any of this except Christ even though the prophets had given many prophecies which were grossly misunderstood.  It is interesting for me to be reading presently in Revelation.  Here is where the prophecies of Christ’s work finalizes.  This Son of Man who is also the Son of God fully reveals Himself.  It certainly gives Easter a luster I haven’t thought out the way I am this morning.

I am still amazed that this Son of God places himself in me–on the throne of my life as I turn it all over to Him.  He also gives me this Glorious Holy Spirit to live/dwell within me.  Boy, does Revelation give more powerful credibility to The Holy Spirit I had not recognized before.  All of this is within me and it is within each of us if we have surrendered our life to Jesus.  I love Him and want to fully trust Him in all aspects of living each and every day.  His Holy Spirit promises to help me and each of us do this when we accept the challenge of surrendering.  To God be all Glory–Great things He has done and will do as we continue on this path of living for Him.

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