The Journey Continues: Mar. 31, 2018

Last night was our Good Friday service.  We call it Good when it is so bleak and black.  I’m unsure who coined the label Good Friday, but whoever did was only looking at tomorrow when they put Good in front of Friday.  God IS so Good and Christ’s work on the Cross was so GOOD.

In my years gone by I would come home from a Good Friday service and have to steel my emotions.  Knowing the reality of Christ’s work on the Cross, seeing it being relived would overwhelm me.  In those days I couldn’t dispel the weight of the sin of abuse.  I didn’t know how Christ took care of the sins done to someone.  I knew He buried the sins I committed, but I was also carrying the sin within me of my brother’s sin.  How did Christ bury it/them?  All of this would be the reason why I’d steel myself from these feelings in order to celebrate on Sunday–Easter.

All these years later, working with Celebrate Recovery, having the counseling and therapy, telling the bondage within me to Godly ones God has placed in my life and daily journaling to God and His TEAM (Christ and The Holy Spirit), I now know that the sins I thought were mine to house in me were never mine to carry.  I believe this is one of Satan’s strongest shackles used on abuse victims.  He keeps us in such bondage believing there is nothing we can do because we are less than others or else we would not have been the one chosen to be abused in the first place.  There is so much I could write out here, but my point in doing this is to let any reader in bondage know that these sins are forgiven and buried by Christ’s work at the Cross too.  If the abuser had asked for forgiveness, as my brother did, they were buried.  The bondage of carrying them within me was a weight I needed to give to Christ and understand I am a child of the One True King.  I wasn’t the sin, my brother’s actions were the sin.  This reality has taken years for me to unravel, but I am pretty much there.

So, because of these truths, today I don’t anguish over the weight of sin in me as I use to do.  You don’t have to anguish over what was done to you either.  Give it to God and allow His healing to be yours as you take the steps of talking these through with Godly people and allowing God to speak to you through the steps of journaling and daily coming to Him with what might be tormenting you.  Read the scriptures of truth about what the Bible’s authors say such as in Ephesians 2:10–“I am God’s masterpiece.”  Reach out!  God is wanting so much to give His Mighty, Powerful Help.

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